Wednesday, April 13, 2011

E3 2010

Hey guys, It's been a while since I posted mainly because I really didn't have anything interesting to post about. So I thought about it and I came up to the conclusion of posting my trip to E3 2010.  Of course there would be pics.

I got the chance to go to E3 mainly thanks to the make a wish foundation. Since I'm a dying kid and all that jazz, they came to me and ask me what wish should I make. My first thought and wish was to go to japan, but seeing that my entire family is black, I thought that would be way too much trouble. So I wished for the next best thing that I wanted to do, which was to go to E3 in L.A.  and damn, they made my trip in style from the moment I left my house.

Warning, you will see a pic or two of me, or my brother. Try to guess which is which.

The reason why this pic is so dark is because we had to leave around 4am in the morning if we wanted to get to L.A. in the afternoon. Remember, I was traveling from Canada and it was my 2nd time going to the U.S.  They greeted us in style by sending me a limo to pick me up instead of us driving to the airport.

Inside the limo was really nice. Aircon, liquor for the folks, and some LEDs on the ceiling of the car  that lit up and made pretty little patterns when the car was in motion.

L.A. is a really beautiful place. The only problem I that have with it is that people there really like to drive recklessly. On our way to the convention center we almost crashed twice due to 2 different people trying to cut us off.

This was outside of the convention center. This was a fuckhuge poster of homefront and there were other ones advertising games like assassin's creed, PS move etc. By the way, when I was inside the convention center, there were 2 different armies inside the halls, opposite of each other. One was the US army, the other was the United Korean army. They were advertising homefront. It was pretty cool to see both of the uniforms in person.

Holy shit I was so tense when I took this picture. As you probably would've guess, this is day 1 of E3 and it just opened up to us. Everyone and their grandma was rushing the stairs and escalators to get in and try the things before anyone else. I took this picture from the escalator.

There was a real guy in that killzone suit. He must've been roasted alive because it was hot as hell in the showfloor.

Up where that projector is was the place where you were able to try the 3ds. Me and my brother didn't go in because the wait time to get in was 2 hours and he said "Fuck that shit" and left.

And now, I present to you, my spoils of war. These things that I got would probably never go on sale and when I die, I'll ask for these to be put in my casket.

The buttons name that's a little hard to read says Arc rise Fantasia. Got it from the ignition entertainment booth  

Next up are the T-shirts.

The e3 one is actually a hoodie and comfortable as fuck.

The legend of zelda shirt I got as a reward when I went to the nintendo booth and tried out skyward sword. They gave it to me when I completed the demo.

The pic was cut off but it says player 1

The "guess who's back" was actually a sega dreamcast shirt, and the one with the animal is from phantasy star 0 for the DS.

I even got a blue chainchomp from nintendo. His name is chompers. He has the task of guarding my room all day.

Chompers fell over ;_;
The brown Shirt is from resonance of fate for the ps3. In my opinion, it's probably one of the best rpgs that came out this gen. Get it. I got the mortal combat shirt from waiting in line for 30 min to go inside a mortal combat castle where they gave us a closed theater of the game. It was cool and I got to talk to the developers making it.

The rockband shirt I got was being given out when I went to their booth. They were pretty cool guys and I had a try at rockband 3. It was terrible since I sucked at the guitar.

And that's it. It was a really crazy enjoyable trip from start to finish. The only issue I had was that make a wish only gave authorization to go to the showfloor so I wasn't able to attend the conferences. but they easily made up for it by sending me a huge package 2 months later which contained a xbox 360 elite and a bunch of games for it, ps3 and wii. I would never trade this experience I had for the world.


Claude said...

Jealous mate, that sounds like am amazing time you had. Looks like some great loot that you can hang onto, you can be like yeaah I went to E3 and use them to prove it.

Tigoris said...

Glad to hear that you had a fun time. Impressive haul as well!

>huge package 2 months later which contained a xbox 360 elite and a bunch of games for it, ps3 and wii

Nice addition to the experience.

MixedNuts said...

That's pretty cool man. I don't see whats wrong with going to Japan(unless presently) with your family but, E3 sounds like a blast I'm not even aware of these special places to go.

>huge package 2 months later which contained a xbox 360 elite and a bunch of games for it, ps3 and wii
I will literally jizz my pants if I got this.

Lemmiwinks said...


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