Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My thoughts about the current anime airing season

Hey guys, I really can't remember the last time I really talked about anime. So today, I'm just writing down my thoughts about what I think about this season of shows as well as past ones. Be warned, this might be a bit long.

To adventure!

Currently I'm watching the following

Freezing: It's not bad. I've been following the mahnwa for some time and I was excited that this was getting an adaption. Besides cutting some things out like pandora mode being changed into the girls glowing, it's faithful to it so far. I'll stick around for it.

Heartcatch Precure: My guiltiest pleasure. This is a no one must no my secret kind of a thing. Really enjoyable, almost done. I'm just sad that there probably won't ever be a future precure as high quality as this one. Right up there with the original Futari wa.

Infinite Stratos: Standard harem fare with mechas thrown in . Could become interesting if they follow the novels closely. I'll also stick around for this.

Mahou shoujo Madoka:  Really liking the umakoshi designs with shaft. I was really looking forward to episode 3 until I got spoilered by a *certain* imageboard. Still going to watch regardless

Robot Taisen OG:  Fuckawesome even though I have no idea what's going on. I probably should've watched divine wars or played the gba games before watching this.

Level E:  Jesus christ what a troll. Pretty funny so I'm sticking with it.

Fractale: Will watch tonight

Gosick: Ditto with this series.

Star Driver:  For some reason, I fucking love this show. I'm really not sure why though, I know the  episode format is repetitive but it still never fails to please me. I await anxiously for each episode.

That's it folks. As you can see, I pretty easy to please. Usually I'm about an episode or two behind but now it's gotten worse because Birth by Sleep and Persona 3 Portable are sucking my viewing time. Speaking of which, time to start on Fractale and Gosick.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Games, games and fig dissapointment

Recently, I've been playing a lot more games than I should be. It's really weird cause usually I would have a gaming session like once every other week for a day and just play the shit outta things, but recently, I've been playing games practically everyday. I need to stop that shit cause schools back and I have classes. Also, I got a new psp. My first one died during the summer for some odd reason. The power button was loose as hell and it won't even start up when I plugged it into the computer. Anyways, back to gaming. Between playing Black ops with my bros, persona 3 portable (FES was amazing, looking forward to playing the girl's route and whoring myself out to every guy in the game) birth by sleep, and now Valkyria chronicles (Just arrived in the mail today) I don't know how I can go to college with all these games piling up on me.

On another note, I couldn't believe it. The ikaros nendoroid like figma was restocked and sold out just like that. I really wanted that one. It was going to be my first nendoroid ;_; 

Even snake feels sad ;_;

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New year's and all that jazz

Sharkurato will fuck you up.
Hey guys. I know I'm slowpoking here but happy new years. I hope that 2011 will be a much better year for you guys. Anyways, New year's was fine for me. Went to a friends house to celebrate and had a talk with him suggesting both of us go to korea (the guy's korean) once we finish school. So that give me 2 years to learn korean. Fucking Fantastic. On another note, I'm starting to rewatch ARIA again. Holy shit this is as good as I remembered it to be. This would probably have to be my all-time favorite anime. Just the feeling of it all makes me relaxed. Too bad I'll never live to see neo-venezia come true ;_;