Friday, April 22, 2011


Hey guys sorry I wasn't able to post for a while, but it's mainly because of things like school and exams and whatnot. But now that it's over and done with, I'm a free man and I've been thinking of how to spend my vacation. The thing that came to mind was to finish all the games that I've put down and forgotten. It's not like I'm one of those people who buys a new game and forget the old one even existed it's just that there's so many good games and so little time. So basically I'm going to start from the old consoles and work my way up to the new ones. I'll give you an example of how much shit I have to finish.

For the ps2: Kingdom Hearts 1, Star Ocean 3, Devil may cry 3, metal gear solid 3, prince of Persia  two thrones, Persona 4, Radiata Stories, Odin Sphere. (1 more character's story)

Gamecube: Metal gear solid twin snakes, Prince of persia: warrior within.

Wii: Sonic colors, FF: Crystal Bearers, No more heroes 2, Super mario galaxy, Muramasa (Momohime's story)
The last story.

PS3: Resonance of fate, FF 13, Assassins creed 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Infamous.

360:  Tales of vesperia(at last area)  Mass Effect.

and this isn't even counting the games on my handhelds. I hope to finish at least a quarter before the summer but I think I'm off to a good start. Just yesterday I finished Bioshock.


Tigoris said...

That's a lot to get through, good thing it's a list of fun things to do and not a list of chores.


One of the few games I've completed in the last couple years. Such a fun game.

serenity said...

That's a hefty list. Good thing they seem to be pretty solid games, it shouldn't be too hard to manage.

>Such a fun game.

I really liked Bioshock as well.

Claude said...

I'm in a similar situation myself, except I don't quite have enough free time to play the games I want to play. I'm currently meaning to pick up Bioshock 2 again, amazing game.

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