Sunday, February 27, 2011

small things can really come back and bite you in the ass

If you really don't want to read the medium wall of text coming up, there will be a TL;DR at the bottom. 

On Monday, I had a feeling Tuesday was going to be a terrible day. Turns out that I was right. So very right. In the morning I took the same bus with my mother. She was going to work, I was going to school for a midterm. When we were on the bus, she managed to lose her transfer paper to get on her next bus. So after me and her looked for it for a while, we couldn't find it. So she nagged me to hell and back to get a new one for her from the bus driver. After the driver finished bitching at me about how she lost her transfer so fast he gave me a new one. Fine. Whatever.

My mom got off first and I was finally by myself. I got off that bus a little later and went on another bus. The bus that I got on doesn't check if you have a proof of payment but instead they have transit police come on once in a while to check if you do. If you don't have a transfer or validated bus ticket, they write you up and charge you for going on the bus without paying. So I went on the bus thinking I had my transfer since I never go without one, and lo and behold., the transit police came on the bus. They asked me for my proof of payment and I couldn't find it. It turned out that I lost my transfer while helping to look for my mom's. So I got taken off of the bus and charged for not paying. The ticket they wrote me up was for me to pay 200 bucks. 200 fucking dollars for not having a small piece of shitty paper with you. So now when I went home, my mom came up to me and said that she found her first transfer in her fucking bag. Now I'm going to have to go to court and argue that I did have a proof of payment using that transfer that she found. Not to mention I have to do it within the next 15 days.

TL;DR:  My mom was an idiot, made me lose my transfer, and got me ticketed for 200 bucks and I'm going to have to go to court to get this shit appealed, and my Midterm was shit hard.


Tigoris said...

Sorry to hear you had such crap luck. That's a pretty ridiculous fine for not having a bus pass, but hopefully you'll be able to clear it up.

MixedNuts said...

I presume that's not the TTC, I only found a transfer police at the station from a VIVA bus.
I would get pissed off too, did you at least manage to reach school on time?

serenity said...

Damn, that's a pretty hefty fine for not having a bus ticket. The local transit police just tend to slap you on the wrists, I've been pulled up twice and just gotten a warning each time.

Hopefully you'll be able to prove you had the ticket easily enough.

Cpt.Awesome said...

Oh, wow. I hope you're able to avoid paying that fine. Will your mother help pay for it if you can't avoid it?

RetroSpider said...

Wow yeah I would demand my mother assist me pay that crap lol

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