Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valkyria chronicles

So just yesterday when I was bored as fuck with nothing to do, I decided to go to gamestop. Since one of the guys I know since high school works there, I asked him what game he would recommend me. The guy's pretty normal and I was surprised he gave me Valkyria Chronicles instead of something like marvel  vs capcom 3 or whatever big game that's out right now. So I came home and played it for a bit. Holy shit this game is fucking awesome. I haven't played a srpg since the first fire emblem for the gba. I forsee this game taking up quite a bit of my time in the future and that's pretty good. I'm only in the first couple of chapters right now and I can't wait till Selvaria shows up. Shit's gonna be so cash.

On another note, I just finished Kingdom hearts BBS last night. Aqua is the best heroine of all years. She's probably the only one that's not pants on head retarded in this game and Ghost Drive is a broken as fuck command style.


Cpt.Awesome said...

Maybe he's one of us secretly or he just has good taste in vidya.

Valkyria Chronicles is one of my favorite games on the PS3. I'm surprised they still had it in stock in your store, this game pretty much disappeared from the shelves days after it released over here.

Tigoris said...

I'll add Valkyria Chronicles to my list of things to do when I have money. Whenever that is.

MixedNuts said...

Well since you said you use to know the guy I guess, hes got an idea what you may like.

RetroSpider said...

I think I saw that game. I guess its good to know someone thinks its awesome I might take a look at it now

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